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There is nothing more beautiful than exploring the wonderful country of South Tyrol and the Dolomites by motorbike. Let the wind blow around your ears and discover magnificent panoramic views and landscapes on extensive tours.

Our hotel is not only an excellent starting point for endless excursions, but also the ideal motorcycle accommodation in Vinschgau.

Apart from the warm hospitality, we offer you covered parking spaces, washing facilities and lots of useful advice and tips for unforgettable routes.

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Our tour suggestions

Basically, the following applies in the Alps: just get going - curves are always to be found!

Mountains and passes in rough quantities

This tour takes us over the highest Alpine passes in the area. At the beginning it goes over the famous 48 hairpin bends up to the Stilfser Joch - up to 2760 m. The Stilfser Joch is the third highest pass in the Alps!
The trip through the Braulio gorge to Bormio (1217 m) offers some magnificent views.
In Bormio, we turn left to the Passo di Gavia (2621 m), which offers uncanny rock formations, overwhelming views of the valley and plenty of adrenaline.
Shortly after the pass height we drive into an unlit tunnel with a right turn. Caution is advised: Italian cyclists rarely possess reflectors.
The ride through the Braulio gorge to Bormio (1217 m) offers some magnificent views.
On the descent to Ponte di Legno (1258 m), the road is only single-lane and steep - fear of heights should not be seen here. On the ride from Ponte di Legno to Indúdine we can relax, but still keep a watchful eye on the signpost to Monno (1066 m): there we have to go past, we want to climb the Passo di Mortirolo (1896 m) - also signposted "Murtaròl". A nice, smooth asphalt road leads us through the woods to the pass summit. If you keep to the top left, you will always continue along the mountain slope - and enjoy magnificent views of the Veltlin. Drive and enjoy!
After Trivigno, the route descends steeply downhill to S. Pietro or Passo di Aprica (1113 m). A fast, curvy and rubber-eating piece of asphalt takes us to the Valtellina, Tresenda terminal. We turn left and continue our journey via Tirano towards Bormio.
In Mazzo di Valtellina (550 m) you have the possibility to cross the Passo di Mortirolo again from the other side - but you will no longer go all the way to the pass, but in one of the last turns straight on to Grosio. In order to avoid boredom, you should not take the highway to Bormio, because it leads through endlessly long tunnels.
In Bormio, the new ascent to Stilfser Joch begins - either in order to buy a bratwurst on the summit of the pass or to drive over the Umbrailpass (2500 m) with its unpaved road into the Münstertal valley and head for Schluderns again.


The Val Poschiavo, which starts in Tirano, leads you over the Bernina Pass or Forcola di Livigno to the valley of the same name.
From Livigno, the passes Passo d'Eira and Passo di Foscagno take us to Bormio and then via Stilfser Joch to Schluderns. However, if you drive along the Lago di Gallo, you will reach Switzerland through a toll tunnel and Schluderns via the Ofenpass.

Curved turns in the mountains of Trentino

We drive through the Vinschgau Valley to Meran and Lana. From there, take the national road 238 to the pass summit of the Gampenjoch / Passo Palade (1512 m) and continue via Deutschnonsberg to Fondo (938 m). Sarnonico and Sanzeno are the next villages we pass. Shortly after Dardine, we leave the main road and drive to Denno. In the following, we pass Campodenno, Lòver, Sporminore, Spormaggiore, le Seghe, Cavedago and Andalo. There we turn off and drive along a winding country road via Toscana and Fai to turn back onto the state road 43 after approx. 20 km.
Follow this road as far as San Michele all'Adige, then turn right onto the state road 12 in the direction of Trento, and after approx. 7 km at Lavis, you will reach the Cembratal / Val di Cembra. On the 612, we drive through the Cembratal valley until shortly after Molina, where we turn on the state road 48 - a well-developed, fast route in the direction of Auer. The route continues via the wine route to Kaltern to head for the Mendelpass / Passo Mendola near Oberplanitzing. This brings us back to Fondo and again to the Gampenjoch. Via Lana and through the Vinschgau valley we reach Schluderns again.


From Andalo we follow the road no. 412 to Molveno and drive along Molveno Lake / Lago di Molveno. Follow San Lorenzo in Banale, Andogno and Villa Banale - there we turn on the state road 45. We follow this road in the direction of Trient (Trento), and then we drive up Monte Bondone (1537 m) at Cadine.
Take the Monte Bondone via Garniga Terme and Aldeno - at Nomi, we take the A22 highway towards Folgaria - Passo di Sommo (1343 m).
The next destination is Caldonazzo-See (Lago di Caldonazzo), which we reach through a bad bend worm over Centa, Vattaro and Bosentino. Along the lake, we take the state road 41 in the direction of Trient (Trento) (opportunity for recreation), head towards Bozen (Bolzano) and drive to Lavis, where we turn right into the Cembra-Tal (Val di Cembra).