There are plenty of events in the Val Venosta.

You should not miss out on these ones:

South Tyrolean Strawberry Festival

The South Tyrolean Strawberry Festival takes place in the Val Martello on the last weekend in June.
The Festival marks the beginning of the berry harvest in Europe’s most high-leveled connected strawberry growing area.

South Tyrolean Knight’s Festival

Every year in August the South Tyrolean Knight’s Festival takes place at the bottom of the Castle Coira.
You can visit markets, tournaments, knightly contests and experience the life of a medieval siege is shown.

Marble & Apricots

Every year on the first weekend in August the colorful street festival „Marmor & Marillen“ (Marble and Apricot) takes place in Laas.
Visitors can sample specialties related to the Val Venosta apricot and experience the processing of white marble.

The Palm Pear Days of Val Venosta

In September Glurns is characterized by the Palabira (Pala pear). You can taste or buy specialities related to this old kind of pear. Visitors can expect traditional concerts, lectures and cultural hikes.

Klosn in Stilfs

Every year at the beginning of December there is an activity in Stilfs called Klosn. It always takes place on Saturday before or after the St. Nicholas’ Day.
Young men dress in colorful clothes, put on terrifying masks and ring and make noise with heavy bells.
In the evening the people come together at the church gate to take part in „Avemarialäuten“ (the ave-bell that signs the start of the praying). After that the riotous Klosn Feast begins including music, food and drinks and it lasts until late at night.

Christmas Market in the Martell Valley

The market taking place in the Martello Valley is the highest Christmas market in the Alpine region.
It takes place in the mountain pasture „Enzianalm“ in the Stelvio National Park.
South Tyrolean specialities, craftwork and farm products are presented on 2061 meters above the sea level.

Christmas Market in Glurns

According to the motto „light, fragrances, sounds“ the Christmas market in Glurns takes place annually on the second weekend in December.
Traders and craftworkers from different nations offer gifts and traditional craftwork.
A varied supporting program including Christmas concerts and a traditional Christmas game secures a good time.