Sights and popular destination in the surrounding area

Castle Coira

Situated between the Passo Resia and the famous city of Merano, at the beginning of the Val Mazia, the Castle Coira is considered the best preserved castle in South Tyrol. Mentioned for the first time in 1250, this structure has been renewed in the 16th century and turned into a wonderful renaissance castle. Thanks to a guided tour, you will have the possibility to walk through the ancient arcades, to visit the S. Jacob room and the library, the old chapel, the armoury and much more.


Glorenza offers countless possibilities for leisure activities as well as lots of cultural and historical sights.
In the smallest town of South Tyrol it seems that time has truly stopped in the middle ages.
Fully preserved city walls, imposing city gates with its wonderful defensive towers, the Gothic chapel, traditional artisans' homes and picturesque arcades — Glorenza offers all of this and much more.

Marble quarry town of Laas

The idyllic village seems to be drenched in „white gold“, the sparkling white marble of Laas.
The Laas marble is quarried way up above the town and then transferred down to the valley below via a sloped railway track where the valuable raw marble material is then further processed in the marble works and little workshops.

The Holiday Village of S. Martino in Monte

With a population of just 120 inhabitants the sanctuary of S. Martino in Monte/St. Martin im Kofel is one of the most attractive localities in the Val Venosta.

Lake Reschen

The submerged steeple in lake Reschen is a symbol of the Val Venosta.
In 1950 the locks of the lake were closed and the water was rising, flooding the whole village of Graun and most of the village Reschen.
Today the half-submerged steeple is the last  visible building of the old village Graun.

Messner Mountain Museum in Juval Castle

The Juval Castle near Naturns is the private castle of Reinhold Messner and is home for one of the six Messner Mountain Museums. The alpinist completely dedicated the exhibition to the Magic of the Mountains.

The Marienberg Abbey above Burgeis

Founded in the 12th century the Benedictine Abbey has always been inhabited and gives an insight into the century-old history of the monastery.
There are several showrooms on the ground floor of the former farmer wing. Furthermore it is possible to visit the famous Romance frescos within the crypt, the stone-framed Romance portal and the library.